Throughout the year our vineyard is maintained in an exemplary manner using organic farming methods.

The Domaine du Rosé des Grands Pins is located on 2 hectares of land consisting of sandy-clay-schist soil, dating back from the degradation caused by the Moors.  Our proximity to the sea constitutes a thermal and hygrometric buffer which limits the risks of heat waves and drought. The weather conditions are truly exceptional.


We cultivate 3 main grapes varieties: Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault

The disbudding is carried out in May, the de-stemming around mid July, in order to respect the yield and the quality worthy of the appellation AOC of the Cotes de Provence



The majority of the work at our vineyards (hoeing, pruning, green harvesting, treating and de-leafing) is performed by hand, enabling us to respect and preserve the quality of the vine.


The fertilizer we use is based on local horse and sheep manure.


Our grapes are harvested, by hand, in the morning and are collected in small cases allowing us to select only the very best therefore preserving the quality of the bunches until they reach the cellar.


Our wine making takes place in a traditional way.

Our press is mechanical but without a motor and uses a vertical cage making it possible to extract only the most noble and aromatic juices from the grapes (the method used in Burgundy and Champagne).


We use only natural yeasts free from chemicals for fermentation. 


Our wine is matured on lees in stainless steel vats for 6 to 8 weeks and stirred from time to time to facilitate the extraction of the aromas.


So that we may keep pumping to a minimum we use gravity in our winemaking and bottling processes.


There are very few vineyards that work this way. By using these methods we favour the quality of the vine whilst respecting the environment.


For us the yield comes last.



François Corradi, our winemaker and cellar master, studied in Champagne.

He is a graduate of the wine school of Avize (BTS Viti-Oeno) and the University of Reims (DNO degree in oenology).

François has collaborated with several Champagne Houses - Champagne Guy Charlemagne, Champagne Salon and Krug - and large estates in the south of France - Chateau Sainte Roseline, Jas d'Esclans and Chateau D'esclans.

He now runs his own wine-producing  and consulting company “Vigneron à Domicile”.

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