JULY 2021

Cheval Blanc - St. Tropez

"The wine reveals a deep color that draws on orange like a Rose Terra Botanica

The scent is flattering and delicious, revealing scents of just candied Taroco orange accompanied by a hint of slightly zesty Mara des bois!

Once in contact with the palate, the rosé offers a suave texture drawn by discreet bitter notes leading to a hint of candied fig.

An immediate pleasure rosé that easily accompanies dishes from large tables "

Maxime Valery - Chief Sommelier 

Cheval Blanc St.Tropez

MAY 2020

Bi Wine  

Pining for the perfect summer drink? 

Rosé des Grands Pins 2019

Whilst we rush to our gardens to soak in as much sun as possible our thoughts turn to Rose and it is with pleasure that this week we were introduced to a new Provencal kid on the block: Rose des Grands Pins. 

Rose Grands des Pins was brought to us by husband and wife Jonathan and Hayley Sieff. One sunny afternoon, whilst drinking a bottle of rosé at Club 55, they were introduced to an unwanted and abandoned property just a stone’s throw from St Tropez. Intrigued, Jonathan and Hayley found themselves at a run-down yet charming bastide surrounded by 26 hectares of abandoned land. They immediately fell in love with the place and so their story at the Bastide des Bergettes began. 


Jonathan's vision was to return the land to its original purpose, producing authentic, organic, and wholesome products. Jonathan has spent many years rejuvenating the neglected fields, rescuing the ancient cypress, olive and citrus trees and giving a once abandoned vineyard new life. Rose des Grand Pins was born: the organic soil has been regenerated, original roots have been replanted and rows of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault now flourish. The vineyards are surrounded by beautiful pine trees which sway in the perfect breeze from the Mediterranean and it was this that lead the Sieff’s daughter to design the unique and striking label which we hope you love as much as we do.


François Corradi, winemaker and cellar master, studied in Champagne and has since worked in several Champagne houses including Salon and Krug in addition to large estates in the south of France: Chateau Sainte Roseline, Jas d'Esclans and Chateau D'Esclans.


Jonathan used these beautiful vineyards as the backdrop for our Zoom tasting earlier this week (much to our envy..!) and described his vision of this wine which was certainly reflected in the glass in front of us: to strip back some of the fruit character found in many Provencal roses and create a fresher, lighter style without losing any weight or complexity. For this reason we don’t believe this has to replace any other Provençal rosé that might be currently gracing your fridge - rather its difference means it will sit beautifully alongside. 


We’re not the only ones who agree with this as Rose des Grands Pins, despite its small production, has been selected for various prestigious restaurant and hotel wine lists including the Cheval Blanc Hotel in St Tropez and 5 Hertford Street and Harry’s Bar in London.


Available in bottles, magnums and jeroboams, Rose des Grands Pins makes for the perfect summer drink and we believe that the hard work Jonathan and his team have put in to create the perfect Provençal rosé has completely paid off. We’re so excited to open multiple bottles of this this summer and hope you’ll join us in raising a glass of Grands Pins. 


2019 Rose des Grands Pins


GBP 215 per case/12 bottles IB ( £ 291 per case of 12 bts inc duty & vat)

GBP 215 per case/6 Magnums IB ( £ 291 per case of 6 magnums inc duty & vat)

GBP 85 per Jeroboam (3 litres) IB ( £ 113 per Jeroboam inc duty & vat)


Multi-buy – GBP 205 IB per case when 2+ cases (bottles & magnums) are purchased


BI 92+pts – “Rose des Grands Pins exudes elegance from the moment you pull the condensed bottle from the fridge, this starts with the beautifully crafted bottle and doesn’t end here. It’s evocative pinky orange hue in the glass screams of St Tropez. The palate is fresh and vibrant with hints of nectarine and citrus giving it the dry and refreshing style we all crave in the summer months. There are hints of strawberries but thankfully this is so tastefully done - delicate and not overbearing like many southern French rose styles. This is stunning and amazing value and even better in larger format (it’s that good!)”


ETA: In stock 

Offered subject to final confirmation and the usual terms of sale. E&OE May 2020.

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