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Respect for the soil, the vine, the planet.

Sustainability is the soul of Rose Des Grands Pins. We put our passion to protect the environment and its natural resources into everything we produce.


We take pride in our farming methods, ensuring that all the work: hoeing, pruning, green harvesting, de-leafing and grape picking are done only by hand, allowing us to respect and preserve the quality of the vine.


All treatments administered to the vines and soil are natural and carried out by hand. Our fertilizer is based on local horse and sheep manure.


Our wine bottles are locally sourced and are made from recyclable glass.


The cork we use  is a 100% natural, sustainable and a fully recyclable material which is locally sourced from Mediterranean growers with sustainability at their core. Our supplier has decades of experience and a highly skilled workforce that ensures the Cork oak is never harmed during the extraction process. 

The boxes we use for shipping are made from sustainable forests and can be re-used or returned to nature once finished.


Maintaining the quality of the vines together with a respect for the environment are of paramount importance to us and are always favoured over yield.

For more information on our sustainability practices, please email us at


"One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken."

Leo Tolstoy
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